Wednesday, June 22

St. Augustine Monty Python Style

Shirt: F21, Shorts: American Eagle, Sandals: Traffic

While my best friend was visiting last weekend, we trekked down to St. Augustine. 

We went to Castillo de San Marco and reenacted scenes from Monty Python, because what else would one do while touring a really old fort?

I love how crazy my hair is in this photo.

 They must not have liked our impressions very much:

It was crazy hot but nice to spent the afternoon with my buddy getting weird looks from the other tourists.

If any of you are ever in N.E. Florida we will go to the fort and yell obscenities out the tower windows. promise.

Oh, does anyone know what type of flower this is?
It was growing outside of a sushi place in St. Aug. I have never seen it before, looks like some sort of crazy hybrid.

*Update* I have been informed by Mel and a few others, this is a passion fruit flower. 

now go away or I shall taunt you a second time

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Anonymous said...

It's a passion vine flower (passiflora incense). It's a host plant for zebra longwing butterflies. :)