Thursday, June 30

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- All of the students that have come in Monday & Tuesday asking me if their classroom has been changed or if I know why said professor is not in class. Because classes don't start until Wednesday. So you say you're in college?
- Lover is out of town for the third time this week. I am beginning to dislike his job very much.
- This ice gun my fridge made just for me. So thoughtful.
- The fact that we are still unpacking. Will it ever end?
One student's response to the fact that classes started Wednesday: "Sometimes my life is such a joke." 
- Four day weekend for me. Who's excited? This gal.
- This giveaway

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Wednesday, June 29

CLOSED - A giveaway to brighten up your humpday.

Candace over at Peace Republic Clothing is giving away a headband of your choice from her Etsy shop. Aren't her headbands super cute? Wouldn't you just love to have one?
Well here's your chance:


Mandatory Entry:
Let me know in a comment that you follow Candace's blog and what your favorite headband is from her Etsy Shop

Extra Entries:
1. Follow Love, Shellsea on Google Friend Connect
2. Follow Love, Shellsea on Twitter
3. Follow PRC on Twitter
4. Like PRC on Facebook

easy as pie, right? just remember to post each entry in a separate comment so it's easy for me too. 

The winner will be randomly drawn Wednesday, July 13th.

Tuesday, June 28

Truths For Mature Humans

I normally don't post stuff like this but I just had to share. 

1. Veronica and Joanna - I'm counting on you.
2. Unless you are always wrong. Problem solved.
3 & 9. Well there's your problem.
11. I know exactly when it will strike, right after lunch.
18. It's only fair.
21. This happens with movies I watched last year.
25. 3 times. Take it from yours truly, the professionally hard of hearing.
30. Soon, I'll be the bicyclist. Thwarting you drivers and pedestrians every day. YAY!
31. Only 3 times?

Friday, June 24

I want it all & A winner

I am loving the style that has been cropping up this summer. I can't get enough of it. All the bright colors, flowy dresses, and long loose shirts. I want it all and I want it now. Here a few of my fav pieces:

Summer Wanting

Cotton tunic
$34 -

Espadrille flat
$38 -

Leather band watch
$80 -

Sheer scarve
$16 -

Summer Chase Oxford Wedges
$40 -

Juniors Dresses - Casual Teen Dresses, Party Dresses |
$35 -

We have a winner for the July Large Ad Space:

Congratulations Ewiley!

Elizabeth go ahead and shoot me an email so we can get your ad set up for July.

Thank you to all those that took the time to enter.

Wednesday, June 22

St. Augustine Monty Python Style

Shirt: F21, Shorts: American Eagle, Sandals: Traffic

While my best friend was visiting last weekend, we trekked down to St. Augustine. 

We went to Castillo de San Marco and reenacted scenes from Monty Python, because what else would one do while touring a really old fort?

I love how crazy my hair is in this photo.

 They must not have liked our impressions very much:

It was crazy hot but nice to spent the afternoon with my buddy getting weird looks from the other tourists.

If any of you are ever in N.E. Florida we will go to the fort and yell obscenities out the tower windows. promise.

Oh, does anyone know what type of flower this is?
It was growing outside of a sushi place in St. Aug. I have never seen it before, looks like some sort of crazy hybrid.

*Update* I have been informed by Mel and a few others, this is a passion fruit flower. 

now go away or I shall taunt you a second time

Tuesday, June 21

10 things i learned from moving

1. it is really hard to blog without internet {who would have guessed}
2. moving was much easier with movers
3. forearm forklifts do NOT work on stairs
4. no matter how much tape you bought, you will need more
5. it doesn't matter how detailed you are in labeling your boxes, you will never be able to find anything ever again
6. pizza is the perfect moving food
7. everything hurts the day after - and i mean everything
8. "stretch plastic wrap" is like the coolest thing ever. i would have wrapped everything in that stuff if i could have
9. there are very few people that would be willing to lug your stuff down three flights of stairs and still talk to you the next day, those people are your true friends
10. home is where the heart is - it doesn't matter how big or small your place is, as long as you are with people and puppies you love. in this i am lucky

if you haven't guessed already my blogging absence is due to a lack of internet. i am told that it will be up tomorrow {fingers crossed}. 

don't forget to enter the giveaway for a large ad space. 

Tuesday, June 14

Sponsor Me

I am pleased to announce that Love, Shellsea is now accepting sponsors for the month of July.

There are three different advertisement opportunities with Love, Shellsea  available. You are welcome to do all or none of the options. If you are interested in any advertising with me, please shoot me an email. 

2,300+ Monthly Page-views
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5 post per week.
As of 06/01/2011

Each sponsor will have an opportunity to be featured in a sponsor introduction post. With links to Blog, Shop, Twitter, etc.

The order of the ads on the sidebar is determined by the size of your ad, from greatest to smallest and then within those groupings, on a first come-first serve basis depending on when you signed up for the sponsorship, so let me know if you’re interested as soon as possible to secure your place! I also give a 30% discount for those sponsors who sign up 3 months in advance.

There are 3 ad sizes available:

Large: $20
Medium: $10
Small: $5
Email me for current rates!

I also offer any shops or store owners the option to promoted their products on my blog. You do not need to be a sponsor to do a promotion with me. Promotion will be featured on posts with plenty of link love.
I do ask that I am personally allowed to pick the items to wear or review so they honestly reflect my taste and personal style. Items are not limited to clothing. I am flexible, please send me an e-mail to inquire. 

Giveaways are a great way to get exposure for your shop by having readers come by and visit your shop to pick out their favorite items. I have had great success with my latest giveaways, with page-views on those posts being the highest all time.
I will promote the giveaway on my left sidebar for the duration of the giveaway. Typically 1-2 weeks, depending on agreement. I will also do my best to promote each giveaway on Twitter and other blog communities I participate in.

Monday, June 13

Giveaway - Large ad space for July

Last month's ad space giveaway was such a hit, I decided to go ahead and do it again.
I'm excited, are you?

I am going to be giving away one large ad space for the month of July! Your blog, shop, or whatever you got will be on display in the side bar over there on the right for the whole month of July. 

Now, Rules...

Mandatory - 1 entry:
Publicly follow Love, Shellsea with google friend connect and tell me about it.

Extra entries:
Follow Love, Shellsea on Twitter and tell me about it
Like Love, Shellsea on Facebook and tell me about it
Blog/Tweet about the giveaway and tell me about it 
Use this tweet or some variation of it, so I can track it: {I just entered this amazing giveaway @LoveShellsea!!}

That's FIVE ways to enter.

easy as pie, right? just remember to post each entry in a separate comment so it's easy for me too. 

The winner will be randomly drawn Thursday, June 23rd.

If you can't wait to win. Check out my sponsor information here. Or shot me an email.

All Summer Long

Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: American Eagle, Shoes: Old Navy

Nina insisted on helping me out with my outfit post today by demanding that I rub her while she rolled in the grass. And who am I to deny that sweet face? 

Summer-time is officially here. I have decided I'm living in shorts, tanks, and dresses from now until September. It's the only way I am going to survive. 

Have you checked out Ruche's new lookbook? 
Well you should.
Every outfit is to die for and perfect for summer-time.

Here are a few of my favs.

Friday, June 10

Awkward & Awesome

- 5 Hour Energy - the stuff is offensive to all senses, but it puts my butt into gear. 
- Waking up this morning, truly believing it was saturday only to be let down by the reality that it is indeed friday.
- My phone deciding to randomly restart through out the day. It has a mind of it's own and it's not well.
- Florida trying to take me out. It's way too hot & sticky. And now we have massive smoke clouds due to 15 wild/forest fires in the area. Low blow Florida, low blow.

- Stuffing my face with amazing food last night at Food Fight.
- These lovely ladies that rocked it while I was held hostage by boxes & packing supplies. You gals were wonderful. Thank you again.
      Stephanie - big mario life
      Celeste - alphabet soup
      Heather - life of a passeri
      Jamie - the two lovebirdies
- It's Friday! The weekend starts To-Day.

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Thursday, June 9

Guest Post: Jamie - The Two Lovebirdies

Good day friends! I’m thrilled to be included in the help-Shellsea-out-by-talking-up-a-storm-about-my-summer-faves movement!

Today my mind is on summer. I live in Utah and the summers here can be bru-tal. For beach sand we get red dirt, for beach balls we have cactus and for the oceanside view? The Great Salt Lake. Don’t get me wrong. The GSL is a great quick getaway for those of us who aren’t a hop, skip and a jump away from the ocean. But to spend a day in the sun in this elevated state is to ask for a crazy burn.

Sunscreen – apply directly to the skin. Again. And again. And again.

To avoid roasting and stay cute I have a few summer favorites.

Wear these. They are light, airy, sweet and simple. I feel lucky to be a woman. We get to wear dresses whenever we want, taking all the guesswork out of choosing an outfit. I also like maxi dresses for their lengthening factor. I have super long legs and a short torso which makes wearing anything a challenge. Long dresses make both my torso and legs look long.  This is a lifesaver.

And for the rest of your body? Don these:

Big beach hats are so important if you want to keep your features freckle-free. Besides, they hide unruly hairdos!

Sandals? A total given. Wear in the water and out.

And the cuffs? Many of us have experienced our share of tan lines. Why not have some fun with them? If you’re going to get a tan line make it a cute one. Put on one of these cuffs (or a plastic one if you’re afraid they’ll get too hot), lather up and soak in the sun’s glorious rays. You’ll end up with a pretty flower pattern on your wrist. Free tattoos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my summer pointers! If you’re ever around the GSL valley give me a call and we’ll go enjoy the therapeutic powers of super-salty waters! For more about me you can visit at The Two Lovebirdies:

Wednesday, June 8

Guest Post: Heather - Life of a passeri

While I’m sorry Shellsea has to deal with the hassle of moving, I’m totally stoked (does anyone besides me and beach bums still use the word stoked?) that I get the chance to share two secret weapons of my wardrobe arsenal: belts and bright lipstick. Seriously. They are like the Jedi warriors of the fashion world, or the ninjas, or pirates. Pick your medicine, because I am so serious right now. Many an outfit of mine has been saved by one or both of these little beauties. Whenever I get the feeling that an outfit is unfinished, or that I am looking a bit “boxy” I add a belt. Skinny belts are usually my weapon of choice, but I by no means object to their thicker cousins. It really comes down to what looks good, and what makes me feel pretty.

With lipstick, the key is finding a shade that you feel great in. It’s like putting on liquid confidence. Or semi-liquid-semi-solid-whatever-consistency-lipstick-really-is confidence. The other great thing about bright lipstick is that it makes everyone else automatically think you are a chic chica, brimming over with confidence, because everyone knows that only super awesomesauce women rock bright lipstick. On mornings when I wake up at 7:42 and have to be to work by 8 (not that this ever happens), bright lipstick is sometimes the only bit of makeup I have time for, but it’s an instant awakener! Add a slimming belt, and you are good to go. Well, you probably want to add some clothes beneath the belt before you go out, but be prepared rock it friends.

Tuesday, June 7

Guest Post: Celeste - Alphabet Soup

so while Shellsea has been busy packing all of her clothes up, I managed to make a complete tornado out of my room looking for my favorite outfit.

i sat there on my bed, or pile of clothes...they were practically the same thing at the time 
"i like too many things...."

so i did my favorites all at once...raindrops on roseswhiskers on kittens, and brown paper packages tied up with string got nothing on this...

dress: NY&CO
jacket: NY&CO
Necklace: KOHLS
Earrings: KOHLS
Shoes: NY&CO
White tube top: Victoria's Secret Bodyshop

and yes, it was raining...BUT thanks to my favorite hairstyle, humidity was my friend that day. ladies, if you have even a little bit of wave in your hair...and it looks like rain, opt for the beach wave look. 
Here's how I do my favorite hairstyle:
1. Take a shower (please, boys like nice smelling girls, fyi), but note that you need to use a comb when putting in your conditioner this time
2. Scrunch your hair with the towel 
3. This is important, do NOT comb your hair
4. Go pick up some "Not YOUR Mother's Beach Babe Spray" (i'm dirt cheap, so your wallet will like this) and spritz you're little heart out
5. Scrunch with fingers, throw hair upside-down and blow dry while continuing to scrunch

Wool-ah! you're sporting the sexy beach wave! I sometimes also take a few strands and wrap them around the barrel of a curling iron. Also if your mane is giving you trouble, hairspray then repeat step 5.

well it's been lovely ladies...but now I've got an after storm cleanup to do in my room. 

Loves, Celeste from Alphabet Soup Style

Monday, June 6

Guest Post: Stephanie - Big Mario Life

Hello Shellsea's lovely readers!!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  First off, I wanted to say thanks to Shellsea for letting me do a little guest bloggity-blogging for her.  I love her outfit posts and am thrilled to share a little bit of my style with you, too!  

While Shellsea has been busy upacking and getting all set-up in her new abode, I've been sitting on my booty browsing Etsy.  I know, I'm a very productive girl (*ahem*).  Cocktail rings have become my go-to accessory and no matter how many I have, I just can't get enough.  You know how sometimes an outfit feels like it's almost-but-not-quite there?  Well, sometimes adding an eye-catching ring is just what you need to take that outfit to the next level.  Check out some lovely, versatile little gems (no pun intended) I found on Etsy.  Any one of them could easily be worn for a night on the town or a day at the museum.  (P.S. Can you tell I like sparkly shiny things?)


Wednesday, June 1

Lunch Date & A Call For Help

Lou picked me up for a little lunch date this afternoon. It was nice to just hang out in the middle of the day, munching on Five Guys. The little outing helped me forget for a moment how much work we have ahead of us.

We are moving this weekend. 

Which means lots, and lots, and lots of packing. 
Lugging furniture and boxes up and down stairs. 
And then lots, and lots, and lots, of unpacking. 

What does this all mean for you? 
Next week I will likely be too busy unpacking and organizing to post much of anything. 

So I have an idea.
Maybe you can help.
I was thinking of doing some guest posts while I'm chin deep in boxes and packing paper. 
Would any of you ladies be interested in doing a guest post next week?
If you are, email me and we can discuss topics. I have a few ideas but I am open to suggestions too.


Pinning the day away

I discovered Pinterest a little while ago. And I am in love. The cool thing about the site is that it organizes all of your ideas and it is super simple to boot.

Another neat thing is that you can follow other people and see what they have pinned to their various boards.

I have been finding all of these great ideas for DIY projects, style inspiration, photography tips, and lots more.

If you want to follow me, you can check it out here.