Wednesday, December 22

Ending one break to start a new break

I have not posted in forever. I am ashamed at my lack of follow through. "Oh yea, I'm going to start blogging and post like every day." I do remember those words coming from me. But alas, I have failed.

But fear not, I will post more often.

I am determined to end this break in blogging by waiting to be released from work (hopefully early, like 3 or 4) to start my "winter break." I love how they call it "winter break" now to be fair to everyone. That is one of the many great things about working for a state university. Crazy long paid breaks. I am officially off from 12/23-12/31. That is 7, I say again SEVEN, full work days paid, that are not counted against my personal time off. We will be packing up some belongings and the pooch to drive down to Miami on Friday. I am very excited for the longer stay down there. The past bunch of times we have gone down has been for only a weekend. Not nearly enough time. Basically just Saturday and Sunday morning. Which blows. But we will have a whole 11 days to do what we like.

I have been alone most of the past 3 days in the office. Which has allowed me way too much time to play on the computer. I have spent most of today looking at wedding stuff. You guys will support me when I say it is totally fine for me to plan before the question has been popped. Yea, I knew you would agree. :)

Wednesday, December 1

I hope this gets to her! featured this video in an article today. One of the sweetest stories I have heard. Pass it on, so it can get to her.