Thursday, March 31

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Sitting at my co-workers desk and realizing there is a ziploc bag of bones not even two feet away from me. So I asked what anyone would ask in such a situation.

Me: Is that a bag of bones?
Co-worker: Yea, It's a cat.
Me: Why do you have a bag of cat bones sitting on your desk?
Co-worker: I have to go to the lab later.

Now, that is not a suitable explanation for having a bag of bones sitting on your desk. But I wasn't going to argue. #1, Because she is working with a professor to reconstruct a dolphin this semester. Honestly, a cat reconstruction doesn't seem that far off. #2, Because Lou and I have been watching Season 1 of "Bones" this week. Just seems like part of the theme for this week. Maybe an early April Fools joke on me.
- Getting all excited to make some muffins. Preheat the oven, get out the pan, put in the paper muffin cups, get the bowl out, and then realizing I do not have any milk. Not really awkward, just sad. 

- This website I found. I was never really into FML. Just seemed depressing, but this one has the same type of submission process/idea but actually funny. Enjoy waste some time surfing this one. Dear Blank, Please Blank
- I will be getting some CASH soon from my tax return. Which mean buying some much wanted camera goodies. Who's excited? I am!
- This week is almost done. Can I get a, Hooray!?

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Wednesday, March 30


So, I got home and after a very enthusiastic hello from Nina, sat down on the couch while Lou was talking on the phone. 

And this happened...

I have been exhausted. All day. We went to bed much too late and had to wake up much too early. I have to say, today went much better than yesterday. Thank goodness for small favors, right. 

I think I woke up because I felt Lou trying to take some sneaky photos.
In case you are interested. Sweater: Target, Jeans: American Eagle.

Tuesday, March 29

Mama said there'll be days like this...

Shirt: H&M, Scarf: American Eagle, Jeans: American Eagle, Sandals: Payless, Purse: F21

I don't know whats going on with the world today. But things are just not working out the way I feel they should. And it seems to be this way for a lot of people today. Reasons why today has failed...

1. It's chilly, windy, cold, and nasty outside.
2. I went to double check summer courses so that I could have my boss approve the schedule. And they switched all the classes making it impossible for me to take even one course these summer. Bummer.
3. The end of the semester is approaching very quickly, which means everyone needs everything right this second. 
4. We are officially in what I call "the dry spell" in the educations system. No holidays for two whole months. We get Memorial Day off and then nothing else until the end of summer. 
5. It's only Tuesday.

But we are not going to dwell on all that nonsense. Nope. So new list. Things making me happy right now.

1. I get out of work very soon. And get to go home to Lou. 
2. We got our taxes done and we will be getting a little bit of money back. Mostly, I can stop stressing about getting them done.
3. I saw 4 baby goslings this afternoon. Too cute.

Monday, March 28

Goodbye weekend.

Bathing Suit: American Eagle

The weekend ended and only left me wanting more. 

We spent Sunday basking in the sun like cats. We went to the beach, and when we grew bored of that, we hit up the pool in our complex. Got a little bit of color but not sunburned, so I would call it a successful day in the sun. All I could think about today at work today, was how relaxing it was to lay in the sun.

Also, we went to see "Sucker Punch," while the cinematography was great, the story was lacking. It was at least entertaining but I would suggest waiting until it comes out of DVD if you are in between that and another movie.

Friday, March 25

Shattered Trees


This is a shattered window in one of the offices in our suite. We are thinking a bird flew into it, really hard. The professor that has that office knew about it for like a year and only told us the other day. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.


I can't even believe that it hasn't just fallen out or caused any leaks. 

I have to say though, I really like the second picture. It looks interesting with the broken glass and tree/lake behind it. 

Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

This weeks Awkward & Awesome is a combination of last week and this week. 

- The controlled burning on campus last week. It is weird to see cars driving along next to burning trees not even 10 feet away.
- Sitting at my desk with a dish towel to my face because of the smoke from a controlled burning close to our building. (don't worry we all got sent home because of the smoke)
- Explaining to people that my dog looks like a wet rat because she just got a bath not because she is dirty. I don't think they believe me.
- The migraine I woke up with this morning. Not really awkward, more awful than anything else. 

- Having basically all of last week off because of the smoke and spring break.
- The computer is fixed.
- Clean puppy. She smells so good. She's not very happy with me but she smells amazing.
- Typing up student evaluations of our professors. I have never had to write the word "Awesome" so many times in my life. The top words were "Awesome, terrific, and enthusiastic." Guess that means that we have very good professors working in our department. 

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Wednesday, March 23

It's alive!

The computer is officially fixed. At least until the next time it breaks. So here is the photo shoot recap I promised you like forever ago. Enjoy!

This is my cousin V, she's only like the best cousin ever! She came for a short visit a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast. We went to a local art museum and had way too much fun taking pictures in the kid area and gardens.

These were from dinner the night V got in town.

Hands down my fav picture.

Can you spot us?

Who wouldn't want to play in a miniature museum replica?

Quick tea break.

You can't tell but the top circle moves up and down. Scary.

I have a really hard time keeping a straight face. I could never be an actor.

Some pretty stuff from the garden.

Yes, I think these boys are peeing on something.

So what do you think? Too many pictures? There were some I just couldn't leave out.

Tuesday, March 15

Have you heard?

Bird's the word!

I kid, I kid.

But seriously, today my birchbox samples came in. Have you heard of Birchbox? It's really cool. All the cool kids are doing it and so can you. It's $10 a month and you get a box of deluxe beauty samples. And my first month of samples came today. Pretty exciting. And it comes all wrapped up in a cute little box.

See all my goodies? Bath salts, foot cream, Italian toothpaste, lip balm, and mascara.

Want in? Do it, you know you want to.

Monday, March 14


Me: Shirt: American Eagle, Pants: F21, Boots: Famous Footwear, Purse: F21, Necklace: F21
Lou: Shirt: Thrifted, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Famous Footwear

Just a couple of weekend updates:

My cousin came for a visit last weekend. We had an amazing time. So much fun. But the computer decided to quit on us this weekend and we are not sure what's wrong. Lou keeps talking about a power supply, sounds like craziness to me. So until it gets fix, I am using the netbook for blogging. Which, is a lot harder than it sounds. No mouse, no programs, the color is off, just over all difficult. 

What does all this mean to you? I can't post the outrageous photos my cousin took of us because, well, it's just too hard. And yea. But I promise them at a later date. In the mean time you get a sneak peek at us in a glorious lion chair from a museum we visited. 

Also, the mouse pad on the netbook is overly sensitive. Making even typing difficult. If I don't make a continuous effort, the side of my thumb hits the pad and sends the cursor to inconvenient areas. So, please excuse any typos. 

Friday, March 11

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

We have our winners from my birthday giveaway:

Candace from Together for the Better
Natalie from Blonde at Heart

Alright ladies, send me your addresses so I can get you lovies your necklaces. shellsea.oberski(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you to all those that participated.