Monday, November 7

Awesome weekend with awesome people

San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine, FL
This weekend was simple just an awesome weekend.

One of two of my best friends drove up for a lovely visit. (Vero, you are next) It was a short visit but we made sure to pack it to the brim with fun. 

Friday night we went out to the most non-Irish, Irish pub I have ever been to. It was nice to catch up over a couple of drinks and just enjoy the company. There was also a little poking fun at the odd people that had gathered in the bar. Because Jax is full of nothing but old people the bars close pretty early, forcing us to take the party back to our place and split a couple bottles of wine. 

Saturday we had a lazy morning. Ate breakfast, played with iphone apps, and got ready for a day in St. Augustine. Stopped by Angie's Subs for some yummy lunch and then headed on our way. St. Augustine has to be one of my favorite things about living in Jacksonville. It is always a treat to go and walk around the old town. 

Our first stop is one of my all time favorites, The San Sebastian Winery. Who can say no to a free wine tasting? Especially when its good wine served by silly inappropriate old ladies.

After some sips of wine, we went for a stroll along St. George Street. Stopping in chocolate shops, tourist traps, shops full of owl merchandise, and for delish bowl of gelato. Pumpkin pie gelato for the win. 

For dinner we went to an amazing french restaurant, Bistro de Leon. It was like heaven. Joey and I ordered the same thing. Poulet au Gratin a la Savoyarde, chicken, cream, cheese, bacon, and penne baked in oven. We also split a couple appetizer for the table. My favorite was the Salade de Chevre Croustifondant, Fresh goatcheese encrusted with pecan nuts and honey and roasted, served over a fresee salad. I think I might have found a new favorite restaurant in St. Augustine.

Taberna del Gallo
Our last stop for the night was the Taberna del Gallo for some Sangria Swiggin' Shanty Singing Sloshed Sailors. Which turned out to be a ton of fun. 

We also got pulled up to sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot, making for a completely embarrassing moment caught on tape.

Sunday was a little rainy, and gloomy out. To make up for it, we went for our traditional "Joey's visiting, Mellow Mushroom lunch" complete with a stop at Cami Cakes. 

Thanks Joey for the lovely visit full of nothing but fun :)
We will do a repeat in a couple of weeks!