Tuesday, June 21

10 things i learned from moving

1. it is really hard to blog without internet {who would have guessed}
2. moving was much easier with movers
3. forearm forklifts do NOT work on stairs
4. no matter how much tape you bought, you will need more
5. it doesn't matter how detailed you are in labeling your boxes, you will never be able to find anything ever again
6. pizza is the perfect moving food
7. everything hurts the day after - and i mean everything
8. "stretch plastic wrap" is like the coolest thing ever. i would have wrapped everything in that stuff if i could have
9. there are very few people that would be willing to lug your stuff down three flights of stairs and still talk to you the next day, those people are your true friends
10. home is where the heart is - it doesn't matter how big or small your place is, as long as you are with people and puppies you love. in this i am lucky

if you haven't guessed already my blogging absence is due to a lack of internet. i am told that it will be up tomorrow {fingers crossed}. 

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