Thursday, October 28


Lately, I enjoyed reading some blogs by some interesting people. I stumbled upon a lil bird told me last week through a tip on lifehacker about folding plastic shopping bags into a triangle, making them easy to store and use when you need them. Handy tip. Through "a lil bird" I link-hopped my way to some other inspiring blogs.

Here is a short list:

These blogs have really brightened my boring days at work; Answering the phone and making a bazillion copies can only be so exciting. Ladies, you are special and bring a lot to the table.

Friday, October 22

Getting Back on the Wagon

I bought my very first sewing machine. Yay!

Before, I would always use my mother-in-law's. After moving 350 miles away, I no longer had a sewing machine at my disposal. So I scouted Craigslist (amazing what you find on there) and found one that was being sold for a reasonable price.

I have to say I could not have asked for a better story to be attached to the purchase of my second-hand sewing machine.

I bought it from a gay guy that was selling it because he was going to buy a newer one for fashion school. Love it. It was awesome. He had a salmon colored polo with the requisite popped collar and skin tight jeans that made me jealous. I got it for a steal and it seems like a good one. At least the reviews were pretty good.

The model I got is the Singer Confidence 7463. He sold it to me for a grand total of $30.00 and it looks like he may have used it once, maybe twice. He mentioned that he hadn't done a lot of sewing, mostly crocheting. O.o I have to say I am rather pleased.

Thursday, October 14

Wide Awake

It is very late for me and I should go to bed, but I have two problems:

1. Lou is not here to cuddle with me in bed. So I don't want to go to bed because I know I will be lonely. :(
2. I have a TV series addiction. I can watch a whole season in one sitting, and if left to my own devices, I will (no questions asked).

That is what I have been doing for the past 3 hours. Watching Parks & Recreations. The show is a lot funnier than I had given it credit for. I am considering watching a few more episodes, but I understand I should crawl into our empty bed and fight my way to a fitful slumber.

Wednesday, October 13

Hump Day

My Lou has left for the next two days. I won't see him until Thursday. Very sad.

Thursday, October 7

Just me

Hiya. I'm Shellsea. My boyfriend is Lou. This is my blog about life on our own, personal style, and trying my best to figure it all out.

Thanks for stopping by and happy blogging!