Friday, June 10

Awkward & Awesome

- 5 Hour Energy - the stuff is offensive to all senses, but it puts my butt into gear. 
- Waking up this morning, truly believing it was saturday only to be let down by the reality that it is indeed friday.
- My phone deciding to randomly restart through out the day. It has a mind of it's own and it's not well.
- Florida trying to take me out. It's way too hot & sticky. And now we have massive smoke clouds due to 15 wild/forest fires in the area. Low blow Florida, low blow.

- Stuffing my face with amazing food last night at Food Fight.
- These lovely ladies that rocked it while I was held hostage by boxes & packing supplies. You gals were wonderful. Thank you again.
      Stephanie - big mario life
      Celeste - alphabet soup
      Heather - life of a passeri
      Jamie - the two lovebirdies
- It's Friday! The weekend starts To-Day.

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