Wednesday, June 8

Guest Post: Heather - Life of a passeri

While I’m sorry Shellsea has to deal with the hassle of moving, I’m totally stoked (does anyone besides me and beach bums still use the word stoked?) that I get the chance to share two secret weapons of my wardrobe arsenal: belts and bright lipstick. Seriously. They are like the Jedi warriors of the fashion world, or the ninjas, or pirates. Pick your medicine, because I am so serious right now. Many an outfit of mine has been saved by one or both of these little beauties. Whenever I get the feeling that an outfit is unfinished, or that I am looking a bit “boxy” I add a belt. Skinny belts are usually my weapon of choice, but I by no means object to their thicker cousins. It really comes down to what looks good, and what makes me feel pretty.

With lipstick, the key is finding a shade that you feel great in. It’s like putting on liquid confidence. Or semi-liquid-semi-solid-whatever-consistency-lipstick-really-is confidence. The other great thing about bright lipstick is that it makes everyone else automatically think you are a chic chica, brimming over with confidence, because everyone knows that only super awesomesauce women rock bright lipstick. On mornings when I wake up at 7:42 and have to be to work by 8 (not that this ever happens), bright lipstick is sometimes the only bit of makeup I have time for, but it’s an instant awakener! Add a slimming belt, and you are good to go. Well, you probably want to add some clothes beneath the belt before you go out, but be prepared rock it friends.

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