Monday, June 6

Guest Post: Stephanie - Big Mario Life

Hello Shellsea's lovely readers!!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  First off, I wanted to say thanks to Shellsea for letting me do a little guest bloggity-blogging for her.  I love her outfit posts and am thrilled to share a little bit of my style with you, too!  

While Shellsea has been busy upacking and getting all set-up in her new abode, I've been sitting on my booty browsing Etsy.  I know, I'm a very productive girl (*ahem*).  Cocktail rings have become my go-to accessory and no matter how many I have, I just can't get enough.  You know how sometimes an outfit feels like it's almost-but-not-quite there?  Well, sometimes adding an eye-catching ring is just what you need to take that outfit to the next level.  Check out some lovely, versatile little gems (no pun intended) I found on Etsy.  Any one of them could easily be worn for a night on the town or a day at the museum.  (P.S. Can you tell I like sparkly shiny things?)


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