Wednesday, June 1

Lunch Date & A Call For Help

Lou picked me up for a little lunch date this afternoon. It was nice to just hang out in the middle of the day, munching on Five Guys. The little outing helped me forget for a moment how much work we have ahead of us.

We are moving this weekend. 

Which means lots, and lots, and lots of packing. 
Lugging furniture and boxes up and down stairs. 
And then lots, and lots, and lots, of unpacking. 

What does this all mean for you? 
Next week I will likely be too busy unpacking and organizing to post much of anything. 

So I have an idea.
Maybe you can help.
I was thinking of doing some guest posts while I'm chin deep in boxes and packing paper. 
Would any of you ladies be interested in doing a guest post next week?
If you are, email me and we can discuss topics. I have a few ideas but I am open to suggestions too.


1 comment:

Miss Celeste said...

good luck moving Shellsea!

i'll be doing the same thing in 20 days... eek

AlphabetSoup Style

p.s. check your email! :]