Monday, February 28

25 things

Shirt: F21, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Target, Belt: F21

I turn 25 in less than a week from today (March 5th). I found this list of 25 things one should do before they turn 25. So lets see how I add up.  

1. Hang curtains in your bedroom.
I did this in our old house. They were striped, brown, cream, and red.

2. Become friends with someone you meet in unusual circumstances.
I meet a few of my really good friends while traveling to Japan a few years ago. I feel very lucky to have gained some life long friends from a circumstance where a bunch of kids were thrown together on a plane.

3. Make your own Halloween costume.
Check, or half check. My mother-in-law and I made my Harley Quinn Costume two years ago for Halloween.

4. Go to a concert/movie/restaurant alone.
Unless Wendy's counts, I have to say no. And why would anyone want to

5. Open a Roth-IRA account.
Nope, not yet

6. Own stock in a company you believe in.
Also no.

7. Read The Iliad.
Um, no. But added to the list.

8. Start a blog.
Well, hello there.

9. Climb a mountain.
Yep. 7 miles baby. Took forever.

10. Go on a spur-of-the-moment, weekend trip to a foreign city.
Who has the money to do this? If you couldn't tell... no.

11. Attend a poetry reading.

12. Go to a music festival.
:( no. This is getting depressing.

13. Learn to dance.
“Learn” is a subjective word here. I think it’s just important that people realize anyone can dance in any situation. Sometimes you just have to let loose and have a good time. 

14. Take a road trip with friends.
Georgia, a couple of years ago. Also a few trips to the Keys. 

15. Get paid to do something you like.
Working on that. Graphic Design. I should be starting classes in the Summer.  Who wouldn’t love working with fonts, images, colors and grids?!?

16. Do some sort of adventure/adrenaline activity.
Shooting range. I count it.

17. Take a course on something you’re interested in.
Photography. Check.

18. Regularly read a newspaper/magazine/blog.
There are about 20 blogs in my blogroll that I read daily. That should fulfill that one.

19. Be recognized for something or at somewhere.
Not sure about this one.

20. Have business cards.
Well, yes for my previous job. Currently, no.

21. Cook dinner for a friend.
Yep. I make some mean chicken pecan fettuccine.

22. Win something. Big or small.
I won $5 on a scratch off game when I was little.

23. Start a new hobby after college.
Blogging and photography. Still learning but I am having fun with it.

24. Pick up the tab for no good reason.
On the to do list.

25. Be irresponsible. It’s allowed sometime.
Dirty dishes sitting in the sink as we speak.

16 out of 25. Good not great. How much can I fit in between now and Saturday?

What do you think of the list? What would you add? 

Friday, February 25

Spring Wish List

The office is dead today, so I am passing the time by doing some window/web browser shopping. Just some stuff that caught my eye.  

1. Ankle Jeans - Old Navy (despite their awful commercial, I still like the look)
2. Paper Bag Skirt - F21
3. Mary Jane Wedges - F21
4. Ruby Woo Red Lipstick - M.A.C.
5. Black Skinny Jeans - Windsor
6. Grey Toms - Toms
7. Traveling Bag in Mocha - Le Mode Accessories
8. Striped Hoodie - American Eagle
9. Silver Leaf Necklace - F21

Thursday, February 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-The shaking building I will be spending all day in. The whole 3 story building is shaking because of one lil' steamroller about 75ft from the building. Should I be worried? Also how much worse is it going to be when they start the actual construction on the annex they are building?
-Pollen, looks like radioactive algae in the lake outside our apartment.
-Students trying to sneak by me. "I can see you, I know you can see me too. Don't fight it, just say hi and explain yourself. If you do well, I will grant you access to your beloved professor. If not, get out!" Kidding, but if the professor is not here, you are just out of luck and I saved you a trip wandering around our ill built department. Aren't you glad you stopped avoiding eye contact with me?

-Today for the first time {to my knowledge} I was referenced on one of the blogs included in my daily blogroll. Check it out, Artmind.
-Lou, the man always knows what to do when I'm having a bad day. And yesterday was bad.
-Staying in bed for an extra 30 minutes this morning to cuddle. How could I argue with that?

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Tuesday, February 22

Story time.

Once upon a time, I worked at the best flower shop in the world. True story. For two years I got to spend my days playing with flowers and got paid for it. Every girl's dream, right? One thing working in a flower shop will teach you {besides how to make some top-notch bows} is a love for plants and flowers. Living in an apartment, I can only have so many plants. So naturally, when I started my job back in July, I also took over the care of the office plants.

When I started, I was shown this burnt, shriveled, and sad plant next to a window. Basically, the thing was dead. Wish I had taken a picture of it. To be honest, I didn't know if I could save it. 

Spoiler alert, I saved it. And like a proud mama, I am going to bore you with a story about my baby {talking about the plant, don't get excited people}.

Anyhow, I felt so bad for this peace lily, and like to think I have a green thumb. {Not like radiant forest green but at least yellowish green thumb.} Over the past 6 months I have been nursing it back to health. It took lots of care and googling different things about peace lilies. First I moved the 30lb pot away from the gigantic window; which in itself was quite a feat. I am convinced that thing was super glued to the carpet. I also kept it on a strict watering schedule, pruned it a couple of times and...

I am proud to announce that the peace lily has been returned to its former glory. It has one surprisingly tall bloom. This thing, no lie, is 2 feet tall.

And as of this week, it has a second bloom coming in.

Sunday, February 20

Dorothy Thorpe, We Found You.

Shirt: F21, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Target, Belt: American Eagle 

I never was any good at following directions. 

Saturday, we spent almost the whole day hitting up thrift stores. While I was hoping this post would be about all the great finds we snatched away from other thifters while their backs were turned, it was a bust in the clothing department. 

But we scored on these lovely little guys:

We have been searching for some Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly glass for the longest time. Finally we found a nice set. I know. Exciting! But wait theres more. We paid only $2 for the set. Totally made up for what was looking to be a waste of a beautiful day.

Friday, February 18

When the cats away the mice will take a bubble bath

That's how that one goes, right? Yep. Nailed it.

Lou is out with a buddy tonight so I will be getting some much needed "me" time. That means bubble bath, some romantic comedies, and maybe something sweet.

Besides, I will need my energy because we have a busy day planned tomorrow. I'm not going to tell you our plans. It's a surprise.

Thursday, February 17

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-My Hair. It's in that annoying stage between short and long where nothing works quite the way I would like it to. It needs something, I just can't figure out what.

-A couple of girls came into the office and asked if I would watch their cake. "Watch your cake? Sure, I'll watch it... until you leave. Then guess what? I'm going to eat it." Ok, you got me. I didn't eat it but it was a weird request none the less. How would they know what I would do with that cake once they left? And who could really resist the powers of cake? Anyhow, I accepted their request and watched said cake for an hour, and didn't eat one bite, thinking, "Hey, if I am nice and watch your cake for an hour, you will come back later and give me a piece." Yea, that did not happen. They came, picked up their cake and left without so much as a "Thank you." Uh, didn't your mama teach you better? Psshhh. 


-This picture of Nina. My dog looks like Buddy Holly.
-Words With Friends on Android. We all thought this day would never come.
-The v-day treats that just keep coming into the office. Rice crispy treats, red velvet cake with a cheesecake center, and lets not forget the chocolate. 

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Wednesday, February 16

Got my new shoes on.

Sweater: Gap, Scarf: Gap, Jeggings: Target, Shoes: Target

There's something about new shoes that just make a girl feel special. These are my new shoes. Got them at Target, and love them.

I really don't have much today. Just wanted to show you my new shoes. 

Tuesday, February 15

V-Day Wrap Up

I sent Lou on a Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt on Sunday. {because who would want to celebrate Valentine's Day on a Monday} I picked up a favorite treats for him to find along the way.

Penny for your thoughts? > Coin bank
Oh No, Mr. Bill! > Nina's pile of toys
Brrr, it's cold in here > Freezer
Feeling dirty? Come visit me. > Shower
I come everyday, but you never like me. > Mailbox

And the winner is....

Lou gave me a whole garden. My house smells pretty. I feel like there should be butterflies flying from vase to vase.

See this bag?

I want it. And Sydney, over at The Daybook just happens to be giving one away. But don't enter the giveaway, because I would like the bag for my new camera. Ok, fine. You can enter the giveaway {if you must}.

Monday, February 14

Hey Lou!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love you!

First Time for Everything

Shirt: Express, Sweater: Express, Jeggings: Target, Boots: Famous Footwear

Officially my first outfit post. Yay! Lets hear the round of applause... what? No applause? Well, you are getting it anyhow. Maybe you'll applaud for my benefit?

It is very late, and both Lou & I are way past ready for snuggling in bed. I just wanted to get these up.

Good night, don't let those bed bugs bite. Ohh, and Happy V-Day!

Thursday, February 10

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-How sleepy I am today.

-While walking up the stairs, I kicked the next step up. Almost ate it, recovered by practically running up the next six steps. Best part, many people saw my failure. Nothing happened people, stop staring.
-How long its taking my fingernail to grow out. I cut it in an epic fight with a sweet potato three weeks ago and have had to wear a band-aid everyday to prevent snagging. That's not really the awkward part. It is awkward when people ask what happened and I have to explain that a sweet potato took me out.
-The fact that 2 of my awkward posts have to do with me being a klutz.

-My Valentine's plans for Lou. I love this site. Very user friendly and lots of goodies to play with.
-The quote on my "The Office" calendar today: "You know what eats a large part of the day are naps. You go to sleep, it's light out, you wake up, it's dark. That's the whole day. Where did that day go? I have no idea." - Michael
-Figuring out today that I might be able to take some art classes in the summer.

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Wednesday, February 9

I ♥ Books

I recently finished reading Water for Elephants.

Now, something kinda funny happened that finally forced me to read this book. About a month ago, I was looking for a book to read and remembered that I had bought Water for Elephants last March while we were in Boston, but never got around to reading it. So being brilliant, as I usally am (not), I set it on my nightstand with every intention of reading it. Guess what? Didn't happen. It just sat there collecting dust and Nina hair.

About 2 weeks ago Lou and I went to the movies. We were sitting there judging the previews. You know you do it too. After each preview we turn to each other and do one of many things.
1. Totally agree, very excited mind you, that we must see said movie that was just shown.
2. Lou turns to me with a very straight face, telling me we MUST see "that" movie, while I try to pretend like I don't hear him and shaking my head NO. Most recently, this happened with Paranormal Activity 2. I am not at all happy about this one. I spent about an hour of the first Paranormal Activity trying to shove my head as far into Lou's arm as I possibly could.
3. I turn to Lou and demand we see whatever chick flick is popular at that moment. To which he replies, "you can go see it, but I will NOT be going with you." Commence pouting.
4. And last but not least, we turn to each other and start discussing how terrible it looks. At which point, one of us tells the other (as serious as we can manage) that its too bad they don't want to see the movie because we already purchased tickets and we are going. (lame, I know, don't judge me)

So getting back to the main point. A preview comes on and I am super excited and there is a conversation something like this:
Me: Wow, this looks good. What do you think it is?
Lou: I have no idea.
Me: (shoving Lou) What is it? What is it?
Lou: Donno (getting annoyed).
::Preview ends revealing the title of the movie. don don don... Water for Elephants::
Lou: (having a hard time containing himself while he makes fun of me)
Me: (beet red)

So I had to read the book. But I have to say I was not disappointed. And now while we are watching the movie, I can shove Lou and whisper "That did not happen." I am looking forward to this one.

Next on my reading list is The Princess Bride. Luckily for me, the movie for that one came out a long time ago and I own it so there will be no embarrassing movie preview moments in my near future.

Friday, February 4

Date Night

We went to our fav Thai restaurant, Mai Thai. This place is just amazing. Thai food also has to be my fav date night food. So, win-win. And Thai Tea, win #3.

And... they do this crazy thing with the straw wrappers. It makes me feel like my drink got dressed up for the night too. I wonder if they hire someone solely to twist the straw wrappers.

Thursday, February 3

Another Giveaway

Hayley over at Weekend File is hosting a giveaway for Edor. She will be giving one lucky reader a pair of earrings from Edor. To win, enter with Weekend File.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-One of the professors in my department every morning telling me that I look tired and puffy. Tired - sure. But puffy? That is just uncalled for.
-Water in my shoes because of all the rain today. Icky toes.
-The mountain of laundry waiting for me at home. Not looking forward to that.
-The way the nurse pinned my arm between her elbow and stomach while taking my blood pressure. And if that wasn't uncomfortable enough, her stomach grumbled while my arm was pinned to her. She pretended not to notice. But we both know what happened.

-My new Canon.
-Hiding little pieces of chocolate in Lou's mouth while he was taking a nap. It's going to be a good day, Tater.
-Officially lost 4 pounds on this diet, plus the added bonus of finding out the cause of my fatigue. Gluten, it's sneaky that way.
-Having a doctor that is willing to listen to my theory that I am allergic to gluten. I like having a doctor that does not think I am an idiot. Only draw back, 3 more blood tests.
-Not going into work tomorrow. Um, YAY!

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