Thursday, June 9

Guest Post: Jamie - The Two Lovebirdies

Good day friends! I’m thrilled to be included in the help-Shellsea-out-by-talking-up-a-storm-about-my-summer-faves movement!

Today my mind is on summer. I live in Utah and the summers here can be bru-tal. For beach sand we get red dirt, for beach balls we have cactus and for the oceanside view? The Great Salt Lake. Don’t get me wrong. The GSL is a great quick getaway for those of us who aren’t a hop, skip and a jump away from the ocean. But to spend a day in the sun in this elevated state is to ask for a crazy burn.

Sunscreen – apply directly to the skin. Again. And again. And again.

To avoid roasting and stay cute I have a few summer favorites.

Wear these. They are light, airy, sweet and simple. I feel lucky to be a woman. We get to wear dresses whenever we want, taking all the guesswork out of choosing an outfit. I also like maxi dresses for their lengthening factor. I have super long legs and a short torso which makes wearing anything a challenge. Long dresses make both my torso and legs look long.  This is a lifesaver.

And for the rest of your body? Don these:

Big beach hats are so important if you want to keep your features freckle-free. Besides, they hide unruly hairdos!

Sandals? A total given. Wear in the water and out.

And the cuffs? Many of us have experienced our share of tan lines. Why not have some fun with them? If you’re going to get a tan line make it a cute one. Put on one of these cuffs (or a plastic one if you’re afraid they’ll get too hot), lather up and soak in the sun’s glorious rays. You’ll end up with a pretty flower pattern on your wrist. Free tattoos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my summer pointers! If you’re ever around the GSL valley give me a call and we’ll go enjoy the therapeutic powers of super-salty waters! For more about me you can visit at The Two Lovebirdies:

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