Thursday, May 12


I need help. We are going to a "Black & White Gala."

I don't have a dress.
I don't know what type of dress to get, other than the fact it has to black or white.

I want to get a cocktail dress, because I am going to end up having to purchase the dress. I would like to make the purchase useful to me in some form and since I don't have a "little black dress," it makes sense to me to go the cocktail dress route.

But the word "Gala" frightens me a little bit. Does it mean I have to go with a gown? The event is for a charity.

And to top it all off, it is slim pickins here in Jax. I have Dillards, JCPennys, David's Bridal, and thats about it.

Here are a few dresses I have been looking at:

1. Link
2. Link
3. Link
4. Link

Can you help? What do you think long or short? Will any of these work? My favorites are 1 & 2.

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