Monday, May 16

Black & White

First off, Thank you everyone who helped with my dress hunt. It ended up being that none of the dresses I was looking at online were available in store. I did find something that worked very well for the event. 

The Black and White Gala was a fundraising event for Give Kids the World. I was so moved by the stories of the children and families this organization has helped. It truly is a wonderful organization that does so much for these kids.

And man do they know how to throw a party. The entertainment and food was amazing. Lucky for us, they had a "prom-style" photography area, so we were able to get a picture of us. I totally forgot the point-and-shot camera, so this was just what we needed.

Her - Dress: Dillards, Earrings & Bracelet: Burlington Coat Factory
Him - Rented Tux with a REAL bow-tie {because we don't play} 

This was one of the only pictures that came out well on Lou's phone. As I mentioned the food was to die for. 
This was dessert. The mushroom top was a chocolate mousse with a raspberry filling. The white card and green squiggles were white chocolate. Everything on the plate was editable and delicious. I need to find a way to have these people make me dinner every night.

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