Friday, May 6

Find It Friday

I have been thinking of starting a new challenge series. 

A kinda scavenger hunt, if you will.

Each week will have a theme. The goal is to find 5 items that are related to that theme. Must be photos you have taken yourself {no stealing now}. As long as it is related to the theme... COUNT IT.

If you didn't guess it already you smarty pants you, I'm calling it:

Find It Friday

The next week's theme will be posted at the end of each "Find It Friday" post. I am going to work on a linky tool so you can play along. If you can't contain your excitement and want to play along for today's challenge, link your post up in the comments.

And without further ado, this week's challenge is:

My fav animal hangs out with me all day on my keys.

A little Blue Jay resting in my baby tree.

Nina having some dessert. That crazy eye makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Some A-mazing hummus from Mellow Mushroom on a pretty blue plate.

And my spring time blue skirt from last week.

Whaddaya think? Something you wanna join in on? 

I know you do. So, next week's challenge will be:

Special thanks to Lou & Joanna for helping me work the kinks out of this little baby.

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