Tuesday, February 22

Story time.

Once upon a time, I worked at the best flower shop in the world. True story. For two years I got to spend my days playing with flowers and got paid for it. Every girl's dream, right? One thing working in a flower shop will teach you {besides how to make some top-notch bows} is a love for plants and flowers. Living in an apartment, I can only have so many plants. So naturally, when I started my job back in July, I also took over the care of the office plants.

When I started, I was shown this burnt, shriveled, and sad plant next to a window. Basically, the thing was dead. Wish I had taken a picture of it. To be honest, I didn't know if I could save it. 

Spoiler alert, I saved it. And like a proud mama, I am going to bore you with a story about my baby {talking about the plant, don't get excited people}.

Anyhow, I felt so bad for this peace lily, and like to think I have a green thumb. {Not like radiant forest green but at least yellowish green thumb.} Over the past 6 months I have been nursing it back to health. It took lots of care and googling different things about peace lilies. First I moved the 30lb pot away from the gigantic window; which in itself was quite a feat. I am convinced that thing was super glued to the carpet. I also kept it on a strict watering schedule, pruned it a couple of times and...

I am proud to announce that the peace lily has been returned to its former glory. It has one surprisingly tall bloom. This thing, no lie, is 2 feet tall.

And as of this week, it has a second bloom coming in.


Mel said...

It looks great! You definitely have a green thumb!

Ms_SyllyBee said...

this is so great! see what a little tender love and care will do... :)

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