Wednesday, February 9

I ♥ Books

I recently finished reading Water for Elephants.

Now, something kinda funny happened that finally forced me to read this book. About a month ago, I was looking for a book to read and remembered that I had bought Water for Elephants last March while we were in Boston, but never got around to reading it. So being brilliant, as I usally am (not), I set it on my nightstand with every intention of reading it. Guess what? Didn't happen. It just sat there collecting dust and Nina hair.

About 2 weeks ago Lou and I went to the movies. We were sitting there judging the previews. You know you do it too. After each preview we turn to each other and do one of many things.
1. Totally agree, very excited mind you, that we must see said movie that was just shown.
2. Lou turns to me with a very straight face, telling me we MUST see "that" movie, while I try to pretend like I don't hear him and shaking my head NO. Most recently, this happened with Paranormal Activity 2. I am not at all happy about this one. I spent about an hour of the first Paranormal Activity trying to shove my head as far into Lou's arm as I possibly could.
3. I turn to Lou and demand we see whatever chick flick is popular at that moment. To which he replies, "you can go see it, but I will NOT be going with you." Commence pouting.
4. And last but not least, we turn to each other and start discussing how terrible it looks. At which point, one of us tells the other (as serious as we can manage) that its too bad they don't want to see the movie because we already purchased tickets and we are going. (lame, I know, don't judge me)

So getting back to the main point. A preview comes on and I am super excited and there is a conversation something like this:
Me: Wow, this looks good. What do you think it is?
Lou: I have no idea.
Me: (shoving Lou) What is it? What is it?
Lou: Donno (getting annoyed).
::Preview ends revealing the title of the movie. don don don... Water for Elephants::
Lou: (having a hard time containing himself while he makes fun of me)
Me: (beet red)

So I had to read the book. But I have to say I was not disappointed. And now while we are watching the movie, I can shove Lou and whisper "That did not happen." I am looking forward to this one.

Next on my reading list is The Princess Bride. Luckily for me, the movie for that one came out a long time ago and I own it so there will be no embarrassing movie preview moments in my near future.

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