Thursday, February 17

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-My Hair. It's in that annoying stage between short and long where nothing works quite the way I would like it to. It needs something, I just can't figure out what.

-A couple of girls came into the office and asked if I would watch their cake. "Watch your cake? Sure, I'll watch it... until you leave. Then guess what? I'm going to eat it." Ok, you got me. I didn't eat it but it was a weird request none the less. How would they know what I would do with that cake once they left? And who could really resist the powers of cake? Anyhow, I accepted their request and watched said cake for an hour, and didn't eat one bite, thinking, "Hey, if I am nice and watch your cake for an hour, you will come back later and give me a piece." Yea, that did not happen. They came, picked up their cake and left without so much as a "Thank you." Uh, didn't your mama teach you better? Psshhh. 


-This picture of Nina. My dog looks like Buddy Holly.
-Words With Friends on Android. We all thought this day would never come.
-The v-day treats that just keep coming into the office. Rice crispy treats, red velvet cake with a cheesecake center, and lets not forget the chocolate. 

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Ashly@Moon Walk said...

Great pic!

Meggy said...

hi! You're very first awkward is one of mine, too! :) Oh hair...

Meggy from Chasing Davies

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Shellsea said...

@Ashley - Thanks!

@Meggy - Too funny. Hair truly is the never-ending saga.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ashly@Moon Walk said...

Great pic!