Thursday, February 10

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-How sleepy I am today.

-While walking up the stairs, I kicked the next step up. Almost ate it, recovered by practically running up the next six steps. Best part, many people saw my failure. Nothing happened people, stop staring.
-How long its taking my fingernail to grow out. I cut it in an epic fight with a sweet potato three weeks ago and have had to wear a band-aid everyday to prevent snagging. That's not really the awkward part. It is awkward when people ask what happened and I have to explain that a sweet potato took me out.
-The fact that 2 of my awkward posts have to do with me being a klutz.

-My Valentine's plans for Lou. I love this site. Very user friendly and lots of goodies to play with.
-The quote on my "The Office" calendar today: "You know what eats a large part of the day are naps. You go to sleep, it's light out, you wake up, it's dark. That's the whole day. Where did that day go? I have no idea." - Michael
-Figuring out today that I might be able to take some art classes in the summer.

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