Thursday, February 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-The shaking building I will be spending all day in. The whole 3 story building is shaking because of one lil' steamroller about 75ft from the building. Should I be worried? Also how much worse is it going to be when they start the actual construction on the annex they are building?
-Pollen, looks like radioactive algae in the lake outside our apartment.
-Students trying to sneak by me. "I can see you, I know you can see me too. Don't fight it, just say hi and explain yourself. If you do well, I will grant you access to your beloved professor. If not, get out!" Kidding, but if the professor is not here, you are just out of luck and I saved you a trip wandering around our ill built department. Aren't you glad you stopped avoiding eye contact with me?

-Today for the first time {to my knowledge} I was referenced on one of the blogs included in my daily blogroll. Check it out, Artmind.
-Lou, the man always knows what to do when I'm having a bad day. And yesterday was bad.
-Staying in bed for an extra 30 minutes this morning to cuddle. How could I argue with that?

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