Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

This weeks Awkward & Awesome is a combination of last week and this week. 

- The controlled burning on campus last week. It is weird to see cars driving along next to burning trees not even 10 feet away.
- Sitting at my desk with a dish towel to my face because of the smoke from a controlled burning close to our building. (don't worry we all got sent home because of the smoke)
- Explaining to people that my dog looks like a wet rat because she just got a bath not because she is dirty. I don't think they believe me.
- The migraine I woke up with this morning. Not really awkward, more awful than anything else. 

- Having basically all of last week off because of the smoke and spring break.
- The computer is fixed.
- Clean puppy. She smells so good. She's not very happy with me but she smells amazing.
- Typing up student evaluations of our professors. I have never had to write the word "Awesome" so many times in my life. The top words were "Awesome, terrific, and enthusiastic." Guess that means that we have very good professors working in our department. 

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