Thursday, April 21

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Tuesday, I woke up late. So I threw on jeans and a cute top, and put my hair in what I thought was a cute pony tail. One of my co-workers walked in and the words out of her mouth were "aw, you don't look cute today." Uncalled for lady.
- Easter is this Sunday! How did that sucker sneak up on me?
- Getting an Easter egg in the mail and my immediate response was "who stole my idea." Turns out it was my boss. She thought it was so funny that I was super excited to send eggs through the mail, so she sent me one.
- The candy bowl on my desk. It does strange things to people. I had a lady walk in and grab some candy saying "We are having a meeting in the other department and we really need a chocolate fix, so I came over here." I have no idea who she is. How did she know I had candy?

- I get to pick a giveaway winner tomorrow. Is it you? - Enter Here {you know you want to}
- Saturday we go swimming. Yay! Lets hope I don't make a fool of myself and have to confess what happened in next weeks A&A.
- Lou's immediate response to the easter egg, "Open that baby up, I want nerds."

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