Thursday, April 7

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Lou forgot his phone today. I hadn't left the house yet and he was just getting to the gas station at the end of our street. So I told him, if he could wait for me at the gas station, I would bring him his phone. We were both in a rush, so neither of us wanted to get out of the car. My solution, pull up next to him so that our driver side windows lined up and hand off the phone. He pulls out of the gas station, I turn around and leave as well. Now the funniest part of this "phone drop" was that there was a very confused gentlemen staring at us trying to figure out what he had just witnessed.
 While in line at Publix, the gentleman in front of me was flirting with the cashier. She was telling him that she was going to take a 12 week class and it was going to cost $450. He proceeded to tell her that she should look into switching to a 3 month course because she would get more for her money. Um... What?!?

- The extra 30 minutes I stayed in bed this morning to cuddle with Lou. Totally worth then having to rush to get ready for work.
- How quite the office is today. It's so nice.
- My headache from yesterday has finally decided it was okay to leave me alone. How thoughtful, lol.
- The new Hoya filters I got for my camera. Amazing!

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