Monday, August 1

30 Day Photography Challenge

Lately, I have found myself in a creative rut. I don't know how I came down with such a terrible thing. Maybe it's due to the fact that I have gotten sick twice in the paste few weeks, how crazy hot it has been, or that my house is a complete disaster (still) from the move. Every time I think about doing something creative, I tell myself cleaning, organizing, consolidating, and getting rid of stuff we no longer need is way more important. While it is more important, I need to have some type of creative outlet.

My solution to get the creative juices flowing again. 30 Day Photography Challenge. Tomorrow will start day 1.

Wish me luck

If anyone of you are interested in accompany me on my little creative adventure. Let me know. If there are enough people that want to join in, I will set up a page that we can share all our lovely photos with each other. What do you think?

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