Tuesday, August 2

1: a photo of yourself

There are days when an hour is just way too long for lunch. 
We have been very good lately. Packing a healthy homemade lunch with lots of fruits and veggies. Which is amazing! But makes my hour lunch break much longer then I could need to eat lunch.
What does one do when they have 30 extra minutes to kill?
Play with Snapbucket! That's what.
For those of you that have not been enlightened yet, Snapbucket is the closest thing to Istagram that I have found for android. 

Love it. 

Loaded with a bunch of settings to mess with your phone pictures. Best part - Auto upload to my photobucket account (also can upload to facebook and twitter). Nothing beats that. 
If you have an android phone and have Istagram envy, check it out.


1: a photo of yourself

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