Wednesday, July 6

Gourmet Food Truck Craze

While we were visiting Miami for the long weekend we were introduced to the "Gourmet Food Truck" craze that has been happening in a lot of the big cities around the country. 

We went to a local bar (Tobacco Road) that was hosting a Food Truck event. There were somewhere around 15 Food Trucks all together serving everything from grilled cheese to sushi. It was a weird but fun event. The whole thing is a cool little niche, you can bring the whole family, try a bunch of different types of food (with some weird twists in some cases), and spend a little less than you would at any chain restaurant ($7-10 per entree).

I have to say everything we tried was very tasty.

This was my grilled cheese. Spiced apples and havarti cheese grilled to perfection on multi-grain bread
Here are some of the food trucks we stopped at:

Topped the night off with some nutella & banana fro-yo. yum.

Here is a quick list of some areas that have a decent if not plentiful supply of food trucks: 
and Miami
are on FIRE with gourmet and ethnic mobile food purveyors.
all have a thriving food truck scene.
Even Tampa is on board with this hot new trend:
Jacksonville has/had one or two, but there didn't seem to be too much support for it.
Chains seem to be the thing here.

I was pretty into the whole thing. Now, I need is for Jacksonville to catch up with everyone else. 

Have any of you experienced the Gourmet Food Truck Craze? What are your thoughts? Love it/Hate it?

Food Trucks
Love it! Yay!
Hate it. Boo.
Could take it or leave it.
Want to try it out.
Not the least bit interested. free polls

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