Friday, January 7

Dieting Pains

TGIF. Why? Because tomorrow is Saturday and I get to eat whatever I want (no questions asked).

This first week of dieting has been difficult. The list of foods we are allowed to eat during the week is so short that it is a little difficult to come up with an appetizing meal to make. I think as we continue this for the next few weeks, we will become better at choosing meals that do not make us feel like we are being force fed. We try to find little things that make the diet more bearable, like sugar-free jello. Man, that stuff totally saved me the other day.

So happy Saturday everyone! \o/ I will be taking any suggestions of "terrible for you foods" to add to my consumption list for tomorrow. Currently it looks something like this:

Mellow Mushroom BBQ Chicken Pizza with lots of ranch dipping sauce
Woodchuck Hard Cider
Hummus and Pita Bread
Chocolate (and lots of it)
Thin Mints (if I can find some of those cute girlies)
Banana and Peanut Butter Shake
::I hope I don't make myself sick::

Maybe I'll document/photograph all the crazy terrible stuff we ate and post it Sunday. If I can stop eating long enough.

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