Monday, January 3

Dear 2011, I'm going to kick your butt!

Aren't you excited to read another 2011 list? Well too bad, you're getting it anyhow. And it is only the 3rd, so it still counts.

2011 Take Down Plan

1. Complete the Slow-Carb Diet. Not sure if I intend to do this for more than one month but that is the starting goal. Whole month of January Baby.
2. Read at least 2 books a month.
3. Try not to take things so seriously. I have enough to worry about without letting the little things get to me.
4. Buy a bad-ass DSLR camera (hopefully a Nikon D40) and take some bad-ass photos.
5. Take more pictures, period.
6. Bake more but only eat the results on Saturday (because the diet rules say so). Luckily, I just got a stand mixer to help out with this one.
7. Go on a vacation.
8. Work on crafts and make some cash.
9. Be more outgoing. And keep in touch better.
10. Better blogging habits. (because I just realized I have not posted anything about the holidays o.O)
11. Be Happy.

I'll stop there because I have 11 for 2011 (it's the little things people)

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